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dancinginthedark [userpic]
Good Zanlee spoilers from SID
by dancinginthedark (daughterofcokie)
at January 27th, 2008 (05:22 pm)

Sweeps Spoilers

Just because Angie and Jesse are back in Pine Valley doesn't mean they are back together! At least not yet, anyway! Here's a sneak peek and what's in store for the soon-to-reunite Hubbards-and why Kendall just may start wishing she could turn back time!

A Long-Awaited Reunion!

Though Jesse's done his darnedest to slink around town unnoticed, it's only a matter of time before someone realizes that Angie's husband isn't really dead. Leave it to P.I. Tad to be the first to see Hubbard in the flesh! Meanwhile, Tad and Krystal play a big part in Angie and Jesse's reunion-but maybe not in the way that you'd think! And sometime in February, the Hubbards will come face to face!

A Changing Of Tides

Ryan's new outlook on life-or, rather, his four-year old outlook on life-challenges the relationships of everyone he holds dear! In the fallout, things will get a little complicated for Annie, Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan.

A Baby Scare?

Kendall and Aidan have been naughty. Kendall and Aidan feel guilty. But will a certain kind of test reveal that they've got another secret growing? (Before anyone panics, JHC already shot down another pregnancy for Kendall and said this in TV Guide: All My Children's rowdy Ryan (Cameron Mathison) will wake up January 31 with a unique kind of amnesia -- he'll think it's 2004 and that he's still engaged to Kendall. And that, says exec producer Julie Carruthers, will trigger a seismic shift in three of AMC's couples -- Ryan and Annie, Greenlee and Aidan, and Kendall and Zach. The soap will continue to play up Aidan and Kendall's guilt about having grief sex when their partners were buried underground last month, but Carruthers promises -- yahoo! -- that she'll avoid yet another pregnancy story. "We've had quite a few of those lately," she admits. "At last count, we had 11 child actors on our show who are under the age of five.")

Erica Meets Her Match!

Erica's always been drawn to men of power, but U.S. District Attorney Samuel Woods may be too much for even LA Kane to handle! Could the havoc that he wreaks in her life pave the way for romance?

Some exerts from the cover story:

Will Annie's love be enough to pull Ryan back to the present, or should Zach, Annie, Greenlee, & Aidan assume crash positions and wait for the onslaught of Rendall part 2? Rebecca Budig says her character will be there to warn Zach about the potential disaster-and maybe do a little more. "I know she's kind of worried for Zach because she's like, 'You weren't there. You didn't live it. I did.' Because they were a supercouple for a long time, the love and bond they shared was really strong. I'm worried for my friend," she says, adding slyly, "But I've got a shoulder he can cry on." Maybe Ryan will regain his memory, and life will revert to normal. But if not, his amnesia could be the tipping point that finally ends the easy peace among the Slaters, Laverys. and Greenlee and Aidan! Most importantly, what will Kendall say?  



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